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What Is A Booster Cylinder
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Turbocharged cylinder

The booster cylinder is designed to improve the advantages of the cylinder and the cylinder. The hydraulic oil is strictly isolated from the compressed air. The piston rod in the cylinder automatically starts when it contacts the workpiece. The action speed is fast, and the pneumatic transmission is stable. The cylinder device is simple and the output is simple. Easy to adjust, can achieve the high output of hydraulic press under the same conditions, low energy consumption, soft landing does not damage the mold, easy to install and special booster cylinder can be installed at any angle of 360 degrees, occupying small space, less trouble and no temperature rise , long life, low noise, and other core characteristics.

The booster cylinder is a hydraulic component that can change the input pressure and output at a higher pressure.

The booster cylinder combines a hydraulic cylinder with a supercharger as a whole, and uses the ratio of the size of the supercharger to the cross-sectional area of the pressurized section, and the Pascal energy balance principle. Because the pressure is constant, when the pressure-receiving area changes from large to small, the pressure will change with the size, so that the pressure effect can be increased to several tens of times. The pre-pressurized cylinder is taken as an example: When the working pressure is pressed against the surface of the hydraulic oil (or piston), the hydraulic oil will compress the air and flow to the pre-pressing stroke chamber. At this time, the hydraulic oil will quickly push the displacement of the member, and when the working displacement encounters the resistance greater than the pneumatic pressure, the cylinder Then, the operation is stopped. At this time, the pressurizing chamber of the booster cylinder starts to pressurize due to the electric signal (or pneumatic signal) to achieve the purpose of molding the product.