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Weft-playing Mechanism And Let-off Mechanism Of Loom
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Beating mechanism

A mechanism that pushes the weft yarn that introduces the shed toward the weaving shed. There are two main types: one is to use the crank and the connecting rod to drive the cymbal on the squat, for the forward and backward movement to perform the beating, called the connecting rod beating mechanism; the other is the yoke on the yoke. The beating and wefting is performed as a conjugate cam beating mechanism. The cam can be designed as needed to control the rest time of the sley at the rear, suitable for weft insertion and beating of wide loom.

Coiling mechanism

A mechanism in which the fabric is formed into a predetermined weft density, which is taken away from the work area and wound onto the cloth roll. A fabric that is wrapped with a layer of friction material is typically used to wind up the fabric. The take-up mechanism can change the weft density of the fabric by changing the method of changing the gears.

Delivery agency

The mechanism for feeding the warp yarn according to the weaving needs is usually composed of a warp yarn feeding device and a warp yarn tension adjusting device. In the weaving process, the tension of the warp yarn is required to be appropriate, and the warp tension is kept from fluctuating up and down with the change of the diameter of the weaving shaft.

In addition, there are various auxiliary devices on the loom to improve the yield and fabric quality of the weaving machine, reduce the labor intensity of the weaver, prevent damage to the parts and protect the safety of the operator. Such as weft break self-stop device, warp break self-stop device, guardian device, shuttle guard device and so on. When the loom is equipped with an automatic shuttle mechanism, it is called an automatic shuttle loom; when an automatic change mechanism is installed, it is called an automatic change loom. When weaving fabrics of different weft yarns, the loom is equipped with a multi-hook box mechanism, called a multi-box weaving machine. The multi-slot box loom has a single-sided multi-shuttle box and a double-sided multi-shuttle box. One side of the multi-slot box finger loom has a single shuttle box on one side and a multi-shuttle box on the other side, such as a 1 x 4 multi-shuttle box, which is a single-sided 4 shuttle box. Double-sided multi-slot box, refers to the double side of the loom is a multi-hook box, such as 4 × 4 multi-slot box is a double-sided 4 shuttle box.