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The Horizontal Performance Of The Sectional Warping Machine Equipment
- Nov 09, 2018 -

With the continuous advancement and advancement of technology, the functions and operations of the sectional warping machine are becoming more and more advanced. The current sectional warping machine can not only meet the use of the small prototype, but also can be used as a slitting machine alone. With cotton weaving, yarn-dyed, silk and other industries.

Slitting warping machine

Now measuring the level performance of a strip warping machine can be considered in several ways:

1. The working efficiency in a certain period of time. The more the number of latitude and longitude lines is processed, the better the performance is naturally, and vice versa.

2, the maintenance failure rate is low, if under the uninterrupted high load working state, reducing the failure rate is an important aspect to greatly improve the work efficiency.

3. Whether to achieve full automation is one of the trends of modern development. As the cost of labor continues to rise, measuring this aspect of the section warping machine is already an indispensable important indicator.