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The Development History Of Warp Knitting Machine
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Knitted coil structures began in the 6th century.

In 1775, the first tricot warp knitting machine was invented by Cnane of the United Kingdom.

In 1805, Joseph Jacquard of France invented the Jacquard device.

In 1849, Matthew Townsend of England invented the tongue, which laid the foundation for the advent of the needle-needle raschel warp knitting machine.

In 1859, the first double needle bed warp knitting machine was born in the UK. A few years later, the first double needle bed warp knitting machine was produced in the Apolda area of Saxony, Germany. It is said that a company president there named his daughter's name. A scarf manufacturer named the scarf using the name of the famous French actress "Raschel" (Raschel). Raschel has been used since then. The 1866 round knitting machine (Mac Nary) was introduced.

In 1876, the Trico warp knitting machine (Loebel) with the Jacquard device appeared.

After the end of the Second World War, foreign warp knitting machine manufacturers developed rapidly. Among them, Karl Mayer Company of Germany is the most prominent. It currently has a world market share of over 85% and a complete range of machines. Its development process is as follows:

In 1947, it was planned to manufacture the Trico warp knitting machine.

In 1948, the first warp knitting machine FM48 was produced.

In 1950, the first Meyer section warping machine began production.

1952 double needle bed tricot warp knitting machine.

1953 high-speed warp knitting machine and four-bar warp knitting machine.

In 1954, 1,000 warp knitting machines were produced and the production of raschel warp knitting machines began.

1955 Spandex (elastic) fiber raschel warp knitting machine.

In 1956, the first multi-comb lace raschel warp knitting machine.

In 1957, the first double needle bed Raschel warp knitting machine.

In 1963, it produced 10,000 warp knitting machines and 12 combing Tricot warp knitting machines.

In 1969, the first plush double needle bed raschel warp knitting machine and the first warp knitting machine with full weft insertion device began production.

In 1974, 50,000 warp knitting machines were produced, and the first towel warp knitting machine began production.

In 1981, the first Jacquardtronic machine (Jacquardtronic) began production and introduced electronic Jacquard systems such as Tricotronic, Rascheltronic and Jacquard.

In 1983, the new drafting warping machine began production.

In 1987, 10,000 warping machines were produced, and the first drafting sizing warping machine was introduced.

In 1992, the Textronic warp knitting machine (Textronic) was introduced.

In 1999, the production of lace was carried out by Cliptronic.

In 2001, Fangxing's Fashiontronic KMPJ3EL was successfully developed.

2003 Texan Nickel Lace Machine TL66/1/36, the type of hairpin machine FL20/16 warp knitting machine