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Technological Advancement Of The Sizing Machine
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Sizing is the key to the preparation process. The quality of the sizing process has a significant impact on the weaving efficiency and product quality.

With the advent of many shuttleless looms, especially since the application of air jet looms, the speed of looms has been greatly improved, and the quality requirements of textiles inside and outside the textile market have been continuously improved, and the technological progress of sizing engineering has also achieved remarkable results. development of.

The most original sizing machine is a double-drying single-slot type. At that time, it was matched with a low-speed, low-quality looms, and there were many problems with sizing quality. With the improvement of product quality requirements, China has used the technology of the Soviet full hot air sizing machine to produce the G1419 hot air sizing machine and the G142 drying sizing machine, and the sizing quality has been improved, but the speed Lower, the lead line speed is below 30 m / min.

The hot air drying system is ideal in theory, because the warp yarn enters the drying room after sizing and is basically not in contact with the drying cylinder. The slurry film is formed well, and the water evaporation rate is high at a certain speed, but after a certain line speed, the hot air type The drying efficiency of the drying system is not suitable.