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Development History And Application Range Of Booster Cylinder
- Nov 09, 2018 -

The early booster cylinder technology originated in Germany, and the important technology is that the anti-overfilling device eliminates the problem of replenishing the booster cylinder. The snap ring in the booster cylinder limits the movement of the oil storage piston. When the booster cylinder is overfilled, excess oil is discharged from the pressure reducing valve. At the same time, the German TOX cylinder has a dual function, which can return the booster piston to the starting position and generate pre-pressure in the oil reservoir, so that when the booster cylinder is closed, the oil in the oil reservoir is also A certain preload can be guaranteed to ensure that the cylinder can work reliably in any installation direction and position. This spring device makes an outstanding contribution to reducing the air consumption of the gas-liquid booster cylinder during operation. Its disadvantage is that the cylinder is very heavy, installation, maintenance and operation are not very convenient, and the price is very expensive.

Application range

Embossing marks, bent profiles, die punching, die-cutting steel, profile welding, extrusion molding, flattening, riveting, forging, integral sheet metal, compact assembly, riveting, metal stamping.