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What are the distinctive features of the Fiberglass warping machine?
- Mar 04, 2019 -

The fiberglass warper is characterized by its compact construction and ease of operation; its motor-controlled three-roller with rubber-coated pressure roller guarantees the same yarn tension and the fourth roller is based on parameters through the pressure element. Compare systems. Up to 1000 highly detailed fiberglass yarns are delivered from the creel controlled by the yarn tensioner to ensure gentle yarn handling.


The Fiberglass warping machine uses AC frequency conversion frequency speed regulation technology, and the speed controlled by the computer is steplessly adjustable to ensure a constant winding speed. The computer touch screen man-machine interface shows that the living space is large, clear, intuitive and easy to operate. Closed-loop pressure control is achieved with a precision proportional valve for constant spherical winding density.


The glass fiber warping machine adopts advanced technologies such as computer and PLC, and has the functions of fixed length twisting and self-stopping, full ball self-stagnation, and broken head self-stopping to meet the process needs. Various creel forms, spindle distances and spindle counts are available for users to choose from; in addition, its tensioners and break-through self-stop devices are available in various forms.