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Warping machine
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Warping machines are mainly divided into two categories: batch warping machines and sectional warping machines.

The warping machine is used for warping.

It can be divided into two categories, one is the traditional drum type friction transmission warping machine, and the other is the new warping machine for warping shaft direct transmission.

Roller type friction transmission warping machine

The pressing method of the drum type friction transmission warping is based on the weight of the weight hammer, the warp beam arm and the weight of the warp beam itself, and the horizontal pressure is adopted after the old machine is modified.

New high speed warping machine

The warp yarn drawn from the bobbin on the creel passes through the gap between the gripper and the column through the broken head detector, passes through the guide plate of the guide yarn, passes through the guide rod, passes through the telescopic 筘, and bypasses the length measurement. The roll is wound onto the warp beam. The warp beam can be directly dragged by the variable speed motor. When the winding diameter is increased, the tachogenerator connected to the length measuring roller sends a signal of speed change, and the electric motor automatically reduces the rotation speed of the motor to keep the warp winding speed constant.