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The working process of water jet loom warping machine
- Feb 18, 2019 -

The warping process of a water jet loom warper refers to a process in which a certain number of warp yarns are wound in parallel on a warp beam or a weaving shaft in accordance with a prescribed length and width. The warp warp yarns are used for sizing and piercing. Warping requires that the warp yarns have the same tension and are evenly distributed on the warp beam or weaving axis, and the color yarn arrangement conforms to the process regulations.

Specifically, in the operation of the water jet loom warping machine, a part of the total warp yarn number required for the full-width fabric is usually first formed into a strip as needed, and then wound on the warping drum. When a strip is wound to the specified length, it is cut and threaded into the strand. Then the other strip is wound in parallel next to the previous strip. In this way, the strips of one root are wound in turn until they are wound up to the prescribed number of strips.

From the perspective of production, in order to obtain good molding quality, during the use of water jet loom warping machine, the warp yarns of each layer should be slightly laterally moved with the rotation of the drum, so that the strip section has a parallelogram. Finally, the full-width warp yarn on the warping drum is wound onto the weaving shaft by a reverse shaft mechanism. When used for warping of multi-color or different warp yarns, it is convenient to arrange the color.