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The scope and main technical features of intelligent sectional warping machine
- Feb 16, 2019 -

During the operation of the intelligent sectional warping machine, the yarn will be wound one by one through the guide rod, the rear cymbal, the guide rod, the photoelectric break end self-stopping piece, the split twisting, the fixed width 筘, the length measuring roller and the guide roller. On the drum, when the shaft is inverted, all the warp yarns on the drum are withdrawn by the two-dot chain line in the counterclockwise direction with the rotation of the weaving shaft, and then wound onto the weaving shaft.

The intelligent slitting warping machine has good adaptability and is suitable for the division and warping of fine wool textiles, chemical fiber filament fabrics, color fabrics, silk fabrics, towel fabrics and special industrial fabrics. It can be used as a weaving preparation device for shuttleless looms such as water jet, jet, rapier and gripper. The axial displacement of the warping console is automatically determined by the high-precision servo motor to control the starting position and the bar positioning once.

Moreover, in actual operation, the warping warping machine of the intelligent sectional warping machine can automatically rotate radially. The application of AC frequency conversion speed control technology is controlled by computer to achieve stepless adjustment to keep the yarn constant winding and unwinding on the large roller. The warp yarn strip is always in a straight line during the warping process and the tension of the sheet yarn remains constant.