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The function and characteristics of warping and sizing machine
- Feb 20, 2019 -

Warping and sizing machines are often referred to as sizing machines as a pre-woven preparation machine in the textile industry, which has an important impact on overall weaving efficiency. The warping and sizing machine can meet the complex sizing requirements of yarn-dyed and white-embroidery fabrics of wool, cotton, hemp, blended, etc., combining the advantages of the slit warping machine and the sizing machine, and the warping and pulping The yarn process is combined into one, and the production of the weaving shaft is directly completed.

That is to say, the warping and sizing machine has excellent practicability, and is especially suitable for the production of small batches and multi-species, as well as the sizing and warping process of code sample production and new product trial production. It has the bottom of yarn coverage, good film integrity, fast replacement, high efficiency, good quality, saving raw and auxiliary materials, reducing production links and reducing production costs.

Not only that, but the advantage of warping and sizing machine is that it can specialize in the yarns of various raw materials such as yarn-dyed, wool, silk and other industries from high-density high-density to low-support low-density and even high-low-density. The process has good adaptability. The machine is fully computer controlled, reasonable in design and compact in structure. Advanced technology, stable and reliable performance, it is a good supporting equipment for various rapier, gripper and air jet loom.