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The difference in process between batch Beam warping machine and sectional warping machine
- Mar 06, 2019 -

The difference between the Beam warping machine and the split warping machine is mainly manifested in the process. The batch warping machine winds a certain number of warp yarns in parallel on the warping shaft, and then combines several warping axes. After being sizing and drying, it is wound into a woven shaft; and the dividing warping is to wind the warp yarns on a certain number of packages into a strip shape and sequentially wind them on the warping drum. After the inverted shaft rotates the warp yarn on the warping drum to the woven shaft, the weaving shaft can be directly formed into the weaving.


The batch warping machine divides the total number of warp yarns required for the full-width fabric into n batches. The number of warp yarns in each batch is as equal as possible, and is wound into n warp beams respectively, and then the n warp beams are passed through the sizing machine. (or parallel shaft machine) is combined and wound onto a woven shaft in a predetermined length to prepare for the weaving process.


In order to avoid the occurrence of small shafts during sizing, the actual winding length of the yarn on the warp beam should be in addition to the sizing elongation, and the length of the yarn on the sizing machine and the machine should be added. At the same time, the axial length of the warp beam should be slightly larger than the axial length of the weaving shaft to facilitate sizing and drying of the subsequent sizing process.