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Speed regulation method and maintenance of water jet loom warping machine
- Mar 16, 2019 -

The water jet loom warping machine has evolved from the past mechanical transmission and control to the modern mechanical transmission and microcomputer control. Therefore, the process design has also undergone qualitative changes. The moving speed of the original warping machine of the fixed warping machine is changed stepwise. Therefore, in order to obtain a good warping forming, the tilt angle of the inclined angled board is generally adjusted to meet the requirements.


The new water jet loom warping machine is fixed by the inclined angle of the inclined angle plate, the moving speed of the fixed width 可 can be changed steplessly, and the moving speed of the fixed width 由 is controlled by the microcomputer to the servo motor, and the setting and the change are convenient. Therefore, as long as the calculation of the appropriate fixed-width 筘 moving speed can meet the requirements, it is widely used in the warping of woven filament fabrics, and is an ideal warping equipment for looms.


When using the water jet loom warping machine, on the one hand, we must work well for us. On the one hand, we must also better the warping machine and maintain it from time to time. Regularly check whether the relevant parts of the equipment warping machine are leaking oil; whether the lubricating oil level is normal; whether the physical and chemical properties of the lubricating oil meet the requirements.


Not only that, but also check whether the air pressure pipe of the water-jet loom warping machine is leaking or broken; whether the brake band is worn; whether the timing belt is worn; whether the induction probe is damaged or dusty. Always check and maintain the warping machine. Once problems occur, solve them in time and do not delay production.