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Performance characteristics description of the high speed beam warping machine
- Jan 21, 2019 -

The high speed beam warping machine can control the winding density, warp length and warp yarn arrangement more accurately. This machine is used for batch warping of different short fiber yarns, and is also a pre-woven preparation equipment for all kinds of shuttleless looms. In the course of its operation, the direct drive of the warp beam, the variable frequency speed control motor realizes the stepless setting of the warp speed, and the line speed is constant.

From a technical point of view, high speed beam warping machine can achieve higher production precision. Moreover, the telescopic reciprocating traverse is synchronized with the warp beam rotation.

The adjustment is convenient and reliable, and the winding yarn layer is more uniform and flat. Clamp-type brake for gas-liquid conversion,

The warp beam and the pressure roller are better braked, and the yarn guide roller adopts electromagnetic braking.

It is equipped with a gap type air blower to keep the teeth clean and the gap time can be set arbitrarily.

For the user, the high speed beam warping machine is easy to operate and safe and reliable.

The safety device locks the warp beam so that the warp beam does not fall off when the device encounters a sudden power failure or gas cut.Infrared and safety lever double safety device for safer operation.The computer touch screen man-machine interface is easy to operate and the display is clear and intuitive.