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Opening mechanism and weft insertion mechanism of loom
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Opening mechanism

The warp yarn is divided into upper and lower layers to form a shed, and has a cam (treading disc) opening mechanism, a multi-arm opening mechanism, and a jacquard opening mechanism. The tread opening mechanism (Fig. 2 tread opening mechanism) is a cam to control the lifting and lowering of the heald frame and its sequence. Generally used 2 to 8 pages of heald frames, suitable for the production of a variety of plain, twill, satin and corduroy fabrics. The multi-arm opening mechanism (Fig. 3 multi-arm opening mechanism) is a lifting heald frame controlled by a broach, a hook and a lifting rod, and the lifting sequence of the heald frame is controlled by a flower tube, a pattern plate, a nail, and a heavy tail rod. In order to weave a variety of small pattern fabrics, 16 to 32 pages of heald frames can be used. The jacquard opening mechanism (Fig. 4 jacquard opening mechanism) is controlled by the lifting knife, the vertical hook (or straight needle), the heald, etc., and each warp yarn can be lifted and lowered separately; the warp yarn is controlled by the flower cylinder, the pattern plate, the horizontal needle, and the like. order. This opening mechanism can weave large pattern fabrics such as jacquard towels, jacquard blankets, jacquard damasks, and fabrics. A loom equipped with a jacquard opening mechanism is called a jacquard loom.

Weft insertion mechanism

A mechanism that introduces the weft into the shed. On a shuttle loom, the weft yarn is struck by a picking mechanism to cause the shuttle to fly into the shed. The pick-up mechanism is divided into three types: picking, picking, and picking. Due to the severe impact of the picking mechanism, the vibration and noise of the loom are large, the consumption of the machine and the material is large, and it is not safe enough, and sometimes the shuttle hurts. On the shuttleless loom, the weft yarn is introduced into the shed by the weft inserter. This shuttle without the shuttle eliminates the disadvantage of picking.