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Main functions and technical features of the fiberglass warping machine
- Jan 14, 2019 -

The fiberglass warping machine has a high degree of automation, is not only stable and reliable, but also provides high quality weaving shaft for various glass fiber loom.

The structure of the whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the structure of machine and electricity is integrated. The tension of the yarn tension control is high and sensitive. The transmission is driven by a tension-specific vector inverter, which is controlled by the PLC to achieve a constant tension of the roving of the woven shaft.

In the actual operation, since the pneumatic pressing method is adopted, the pressure of the fiberglass warping machine can be adjusted as needed, and the pressing width can be automatically adjusted.

At the same time, the amplitude is electrically adjustable to accommodate different types of weaving shafts and various widths for automatic adjustment.

At the same time, the safety device of the fiberglass warping machine is also very complete, and an infrared break detecting device is arranged on the creel, and the car stops automatically when the head is broken.

The creel is also equipped with a special tensioner to adjust the tension of the single yarn. According to the characteristics of the glass fiber, all the yarn passages of the creel are made of high-hardness and ultra-clear oxygen aluminum porcelain to minimize the friction of the yarn.