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Main device of high speed direct warping machine
- Jan 29, 2019 -

The high speed direct warping machine is composed of several main devices, wherein the creel is located at the rear of the warping machine, mainly for placing warping cylinders. The common creel has two forms, a single creel and a double creel. Only the working bobbin is installed on the single creel, and it should be stopped when changing the tube. The yarn creel with two sleeves is connected to the double creel, so that there is no need to stop when changing the package, which can improve the efficiency.

The tension device is used to regulate the tension of the yarn during high speed direct warping machine operation, and also makes the yarn turn at 90 degrees. There is a yarn breakage self-stop device on the front of the creel. During the warping process, when the yarn breaks, the self-stop device will automatically stop the warp beam. The purpose of the yarn collecting plates is to gather the yarns in a certain order.

The oiler in the high speed direct warping machine can effectively prevent the occurrence of static electricity, and the amount of oil added can be adjusted by changing the speed of the fueling roller. The yarn storage device is used when the yarn breaks. Since the stoppage of the warp yarn always lags behind, the yarn breakage head is caught in the warp beam. When connecting, it is often necessary to reverse the warp beam and exit the yarn of a certain length in order to find the yarn end and make the joint. The yarn storage device can maintain the tension of the exiting yarn in a straight state when the warp beam is reversed and unwound, so that it is not easy to loose and kinks, and the yarn is easily re-threaded to the warp beam after the yarn end is connected