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How to operate water jet loom
- Nov 09, 2018 -

1 According to the production dispatch notice, do all the preparation work on the designated platform (on the good cloth head, change the weft teeth, check the machine for missing parts, lose oil, etc.), then send the warp beam to the machine, pay attention to Check the warp beam specifications.

2 Slowly send the heald to the heald frame, fix the left, middle and right sides of the heald with a rope, pay attention to prevent the heald from falling off, and use a wooden pole to support the warp after the heald.

3 Set the bearings on both sides of the warp beam, and tighten the warp beam to the fixed position to lock the warp beam cap bolt.

4 Lower the back beam and lock the rear beam fastening screws.

5 Clip the heald clip and lift all the healds, paying attention to the uniform yarn.

Insert the steel shovel into the gutter, lock the steel shovel in a good position.

7 According to the position of the heald clamp, the division is divided into several bundles, and the fabric is tied one by one, paying attention to the uniform yarn, the tension is uniform, and the knot is small and firm.

8 set the loom process parameters a. Speed (according to the variety) 500rpm ~ 800 rpm b. The leading angle is 10o~20o (according to different raw materials) c. The spray start angle is 90od. Holder opening angle 105o

9 Press the positive and reverse inch keys on the left thumb to make the time scale wheel in the range of 180o±5o, and check if the weft yarn is full-width.

10 Check that the weft stroke is correct and that the weft tension is appropriate.

11 Pull the weft yarn out of the nozzle, press the water supply pedal on the left foot, and tighten the weft yarn in the right hand and hang it on the temple.

12 Pull down the release arm to press the feed roller and the length measuring roller.

13Press the ready button and step on the water pump pedal several times to allow water to escape from the nozzle.

14 Press the operation button to start the loom operation and remove the residual wire.

15 Press the stop button to make the machine and brake.

When the 16 is full, use scissors to cut the cloth over the roll.

17 Record the length, variety, warp and weft specifications, shifts, and dates on the cloth.

18 Record the drop length, shift number on the production record card, and reset the code table.

19 After replacing the new cloth roll, re-roll the cloth and continue the weaving production.