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Excellent use of the new warping machine creel
- Mar 01, 2019 -

At present, the warping creel used by most manufacturers is a direct warping creel composed of a frame, a bobbin fixing frame, a bobbin fixing fiber and a yarn guide. However, such a warping machine creel has a problem of uneven warp tension in actual operation. In order to solve this problem, a new warping machine creel is provided which, in operation, enables uniform tension of each yarn and is tightly and tightly wound around the warp beam head.

The new warping machine creel comprises a frame, a bobbin fixing frame, a bobbin fixing rod and a yarn guiding device, the two ends of the bobbin fixing frame are fixed on the frame, and the fixing rod is vertically fixed on the bobbin fixing frame, and the yarn guiding device Located at the front end of the rack, it is characterized in that a tensioner fixing bracket is arranged in front of each bobbin fixing frame, and both ends of the tensioner fixing bracket are also fixed on the frame, and the tensioner is fixed on the tensioner fixing frame, the tensioner One-to-one correspondence with the fixed rods, that is, each of the fixed rods is equipped with a tensioner.

Such a creel can effectively control and adjust the tension of each yarn during use, so that it is evenly arranged on the warp beam head during the winding process, effectively controlling the factors such as uneven tension during the warp beam process. The phenomenon of broken ends, raising hair, etc., guarantees the quality of each yarn, and provides excellent quality products for the next process, which not only reduces the cost, but also ensures the quality and the benefit.