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Beam warping machine aiming at high speed, sectional warping machine positioning intelligent
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Modern warping machines can generally be divided into different types such as batch warping machines and sectional warping machines. Among them, the beam warping machine generally shows a trend of high-speed development, and its design line speed has reached about 1000 m/min; the transmission of the warp beam is basically driven by the AC variable frequency speed regulating motor, and the constant line speed and constant tension are adopted. Winding; the three-roller synchronous braking is realized by the shaft, the pressure roller and the yarn guiding roller, and the rapid retracting function of the pressure roller is stopped; the length measuring roller and the spindle are combined to calculate the length; the super-feeding guiding roller is directly driven by the motor. It meets the requirement of loose warping warp beam dyeing; the telescopic realizes the mobile electronic control, and the equipment is equipped with intermittent suction cleaning device to realize PLC control.

The design of the sectional warping machine embodies the trend of development towards intelligence, and the degree of mechatronics of equipment continues to increase. Both warping and reverse shaft transmission adopt AC frequency conversion technology to realize the horizontal line speed and constant tension winding of warping; the starting point of warping and the positioning of the strip can be automatically completed by one button; the warping device on the warping stage is covered with the yarn layer. The winding is automatically retracted in the radial direction to achieve equidistant winding; the application of the on-site total line can make the management of the warping equipment production debugging, fault diagnosis and process parameter setting more intelligent.

With the continuous development of modern high-speed looms, the manufacturing equipment proposed a warp machine with a moderate warping tension value, the warp tension of the whole piece is consistent and kept constant during the warping process, the whole warp yarns are evenly arranged, and the warp beam is wound. The shape is normal, the surface of the warp beam is free from unevenness, the warp beam winding density is appropriate and uniform, the warp number, length, amplitude, and yarn arrangement are in accordance with the process design regulations, and the yarn breakage is self-stopping and the like. High requirements. Therefore, the modern winding speed and the development of the warp beam package in the direction of high speed and large package must also seriously consider these practical problems.

At present, the winding speed of foreign warping machines is generally between 600 m / min and 1000 m / min, and some equipment can reach a maximum of 1200 m / min. However, this is only a theoretical figure. In actual operation, the short fiber warp winding speed is 450 m/min, and the chemical fiber filament warping speed is about 800 m/min. The main reason why the warping speed is not improved is that the excessive warping speed and the warp tension and the package capacity during warping often conflict. The warping speed can directly affect the change of yarn tension during warping. Under the same package diameter and tension ring weight, the warping speed is proportional to the yarn tension. If the warping speed is to be increased, the corresponding measures must be taken, otherwise a good winding effect cannot be obtained. The volume of the package is also limited. In the case of collective replacement, the winding speed of warping should not be too high.