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Application advantages of warping and sizing combination machine
- Feb 12, 2019 -

The use of the warping sizing combination machine has significantly improved the efficiency of the weaving operation. Moreover, in the process of warping of the whole pulping machine, the data can be sampled, analyzed and calculated without interruption, so that the whole system is always in the best state, the warp yarn is formed flat, the density is uniform, and the quality of the inverted shaft tension is stable and uniform.

In short, after the use of the whole warping sizing machine, the production process of the warping and sizing process is realized, which not only reduces the personnel requirements of the warping process, but also effectively reduces the yarn in the warping axis. The loss of yarn strength and the occurrence of regenerated hairiness during winding and unwinding.

Combined with the actual production situation, the whole warping sizing combination machine is characterized in that the process combines warping and pulping into two processes in the sizing process. In this way, it is equivalent to shortening the process flow, improving work efficiency, reducing the input of manpower and material resources, and the process is mature and stable, ensuring the quality of the product and reducing waste.