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Applicable industry and characteristics of high-speed water jet loom
- Feb 25, 2019 -

The high-speed water jet loom combines mature woven technology with high-speed looms technology. It has high speed, high efficiency, good fabric flatness, high density, wide adaptability of raw materials, easy adjustment of varieties, saving maintenance costs, manual and Electricity and other advantages.

The high-speed water jet loom is divided into two types: flat opening and cam opening. It can be used for electronic single-spraying. It can be widely used in the manufacture of plastic packaging products such as container bags, tarpaulins, woven bags and geotextiles. The high-speed water jet loom has a complete N-color automatic conversion device in the sleeve, and is driven by a computer-controlled motor to automatically switch between the yarn feeders, so that the knitting of the multi-color pattern is simple and easy.

The high-performance motion of the high-speed water jet loom woven, it is easy to complete high-quality flower weaving that can only be done on a large computer weaving machine, which is a miniaturization of high-end computer weaving. It can store and memorize the large and complex flower designs that have been designed, and can change the width of the knitting at will, which is quick and convenient.