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Analysis of the reasons for the occurrence of defects in the production of sectional warping machine
- Dec 24, 2018 -

When operating the  sectional warping machine, we often find that there are defects in the warping. These defects are not without reason, and the operation of the staff accounts for a large part. Today, Xiaobian simply introduces the reasons for the flaws in the sectional warping machine. The contents are as follows:

1. Length and short code: Due to the failure of the length measuring device in the sectional warping machine, or the staff member is operating incorrectly.

2, uneven tension: This situation occurs more frequently, mainly because the tension device in the sectional warping machine is not functioning properly, or the components of the equipment are improperly adjusted.

3, the occurrence of the twisted head, the broken head: the broken device in the equipment failed, and in the process of production, the staff did not find the problem, and did not brake in time.

4, inlaid edge, convex edge: the left and right position of the expansion and contraction on the creel is improperly set, or the positioning when the inverted axis is not accurate.

5. Oil stain: Too much oil is added in the warping machine, which causes the warp yarn to be contaminated with lubricating oil during the production process, resulting in oil stains.

The above is the reason for the flaws in the sectional warping machine, I hope to bring some help to everyone.