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Advantages of special healds for Jacquard Water Jet Loom
- Feb 27, 2019 -

The Jacquard Water Jet Loom is based on the mature technology of the water jet loom, incorporating new technology and advanced loom concept, so that the water jet loom and the jacquard opening device are perfectly combined. This model is equipped with single or double jet weft insertion. The device, mechanical or electronic delivery and take-up, is suitable for weaving a variety of high value-added jacquard fabrics.

The healds used in the water-jet jacquard machine are made of plastic healds, which are completely suitable for working in a viscous water environment, avoiding the adhesion of adjacent healds and completely eliminating the warp weaving caused by adhesion. In addition, it is not necessary to increase the spring force of the return spring, so as not to increase the power consumption and affect the service life of the needle assembly of the water jet jacquard.

Since the lower end of the heald rod and the upper end of the return spring are connected up and down, when the return spring is elastically deformed, the upper end thereof is shaken more than other positions, and the shaking of the return spring is directly transmitted to the lower end of the heald rod, so the anti-adhesion is prevented. The column is preferably positioned adjacent to the heald of the connector, and the change in the structure of the heald does not cause any side effects, providing a pioneering technical solution for the water jet jacquard assembly industry.