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Advantages and disadvantages of warp beam direct transmission form for sectional warping machine
- Dec 26, 2018 -

In the process of warping, the process always requires the warp beam transmission of the sectional warping machine to reach constant line speed and constant tension. For the ordinary warping machine, it is very difficult to achieve this effect, and the emergence of the sectional warping machine just solves this problem, mainly because the sectional warping machine adopts the direct transmission of the warp beam. Form, which enables high speed and high quality warp beams to be obtained. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to using such a warp beam direct transmission form.

Advantages: The sectional warping machine uses the form of hydraulic stepless speed change to make the oil motor drive the warp beam. In this process, the transmission speed is larger than the general range. And the torque of the oil motor is also larger than that of the general warping machine, so it is easy to start, so that the split warping machine can achieve the purpose of constant line speed and constant tension, and the strip warping machine can be made smooth throughout the whole process and frequent reversing movements.

Disadvantages: This type of warp beam direct transmission has high requirements on the sealing of hydraulic system components. If the sealing is not strong, oil leakage is easy to occur, so the operator needs to check the seal of the hydraulic system components before adjusting the machine. Whether the sealing is intact, or wait until the problem of the warping machine is broken, it is more difficult to troubleshoot than the mechanical transmission.